I was tasked and responsible for the with the visual redesign of the Rockettes.com website. Our customers who visit the website primarily want to learn more more about the Rockettes, the Christmas Spectacular show, and how to purchase tickets. Customers were having trouble navigating through the site and were confused during their user experience journey due to poor layout, organization, and an overwhelming amount of information.

My goal was to give the Rockettes.com website a design makeover and welcome it into current design trends by designing it with a "mobile first" perspective. Using Adobe XD, I re-designed and wireframed the new website to consolidate information, introduce new fonts, color palettes, and design elements, all while telling a visual story during the customer experience journey. The Christmas Spectacular is seasonal, and to combat that we established two distinct color palettes to differentiate Christmas season vs. the rest of the year.
Visual Updates to Rockettes.com:
- Updated color palette to a more sophisticated and modern look
- Parallax design layout
- Introduction of a module layout to help organize website in a user friendly way
- Glitter embellishments that help guide the customer through the journey of the website
- The introduction of new, modern, clean and bold Sans Serif fonts
- Updated language throughout the website

Homepage Redesign